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Raise the visibility of your supply chain with enhanced traceability. Get there with FoodLogiQ's guide.

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4 Elements to Managing Quality Control Across your Supply Chain

Learn how you can achieve full visibility into the quality of the food products across your supply chain , communicate with suppliers and submit credit requests directly to supply chain partners.

Data At Your Fingertips 

Learn how to highlight the number/scope of quality incidents per supplier at a quick-glance.

Manage Credit Requests

Recoup the cost of nonconforming product directly from your supply chain partners.

Tracked Communications 

Track customized communication between the customer and supply chain partner surrounding quality issues

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We are changing the way food companies approach their supply chains.

Manage your suppliers. Track quality and compliance. Ease the burden of FSMA and food recalls. Deliver the transparency your customers demand. All in one platform. 

Cathy Strange

Global Cheese Buyer @ Whole Foods Market

"Whole Foods Market is partnering with FoodLogiQ to provide us with an effective, streamlined platform for capturing critical information about our products and suppliers.  FoodLogiQ is a progressive and agile solution for product transparency, which allows us to answer questions for shoppers more easily." 

John Keeling

Executive VP and CEO, National Potato Council

"The FoodLogiQ team has an extraordinary understanding of both the food supply chains and the technology that allows for simple and effective collection, analysis and reporting of data."

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