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Manage your suppliers. Track quality and compliance. 
Ease the burden of FSMA and food recalls. 
All in one platform.  


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Manage quality and compliance issues directly with your suppliers. 

Achieve whole chain traceability to raise your visibility while mitigating brand risk. 

Build a community of your supply chain partners  in a single platform. 

Cut the time it takes you to manage your suppliers in half.

FoodLogiQ Connect enables you to achieve end-to-end visibility while supporting safe and high quality food products across your supply chain.

Ease FSMA compliance with streamlined supplier documentation and template workflows to implement corrective actions, support supplier verification and centralize required recordkeeping.

Manage and Track Quality Incidents  

Capture and track quality issues, centralize communication with suppliers and process credit requests 

Capture food quality issues anywhere in your supply chain, report them in real-time and recoup the costs of nonconforming product.

Dashboard Supplier View

Get out of spreadsheets and into Manage + Monitor

Supplier relations in a one-stop dashboard. At a quick glance, see exactly which suppliers have expired documentation, failed audits or which suppliers have the most quality incidents.

See FoodLogiQ Connect in Action! 

We are changing the way food companies look at their supply chains.

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True Farm-to-Fork Traceability 

Execute precise recalls with FoodLogiQ's Track + Trace

True farm-to-fork traceability from grower to distribution center to the retailer or restaurant. Get access to the data needed to take swift action when faced with a recall or outbreak.

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